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Welcome to Medical Specialists, PA

The Premier Hormone Balancing Clinic in Minnesota
and Sexual Health and Rejuvenation

We embrace an all-natural approach in managing Bio-identical Hormones by developing an individualized, customized treatment program for you.

Our services include:

Hormonal health and balance

 Comprehensive laboratory evaluation and complete assessment

In– house  ‘state-of-the-art’ laboratory Sexual Health and Dysfunction treatments for men and women Highly trained and Certified PRP providers of:

O – Shot®,Priapus Shot®, Vampire Facelift®

If you’re a male, do you experience these symptoms:

Loss of muscle strength/muscle mass
Always fatigued
Loss of energy and motivation

Reduction of stamina
Decreased sex drive or none at all
Any level of Erectile Dysfunction
Loss of night time or morning erections
Increase of abdominal weight gain

Loss of mental clarity/brain fog
Loss of body hair
Difficulty sleeping
Urinary/prostate symptoms

If you’re a female, do you experience these symptoms:

Just not feeling quite right
Always fatigued
Loss of energy and motivation
Irritable/short tempered/depression

Menstrual changes or irregularities
Unexplained weight gain
Decreased sex drive or none at all
Vaginal dryness/ painful intercourse
Always cold/dry skin

Loss of mental clarity/brain fog
Difficulty sleeping
Hot flashes / night sweats

Other metabolic syndrome symptoms can be linked to hormonal imbalance.

We at Medical Specialists are very passionate about uncovering the root cause of your problem.

Through our dedicated and continued research and proper diagnosis, we have adopted the most advanced approach to hormone balancing /sexual health:

The old saying was:
‘as we age our hormones drop’

The Advanced approach is:
‘We age because our hormones drop’

That’s why it’s so important to balance your hormones and continue to keep that balance maintained.

The key to feeling like your old self –
is to replenish your hormones to your old self.