Please Connect to Our Patient Portal

We are pleased to announce that Medical Specialists, the office of Gary Rudashevsky and Angie Elliott, can now offer you a secure Patient Portal.

Please take advantage of this new exciting tool! Join our Patient Portal – Your healthcare is right at your fingertips! The portal allows you to:

• Email a request to schedule an appointment
• Review your statement and pay your bill when it is convenient for you
• View medical information (please notify us to implement this feature)
• Send a message to our staff
• Submit forms

Follow these steps if you have received an email invitation to register for the AdvancedMD Patient Portal. (Please request that we send you a link if you have not received one.)

1. From your email invitation, click the link to register. The link will be in the green box of your email – Create Your Account.

2. Choose a username and password. The default username will be the email address the invitation was sent to; however, you may change it.

Note: Please use the name and email our office has on file.

Create your password according to the Password Requirements at the top of the screen. As they are completed, the check marks next to each item will turn green, any item in red means the criteria has not been met. Read the Terms & Conditions and then check the box “I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions”. Push the green “Register” button and you should be set.

From your portal home page, go to “Update Profile Settings”. You can change your password there or link to additional sign-in options like Facebook or Google. You will be temporarily directed
to Facebook or Google to log in, then returned to your portal account.

This system is secure and confidential, and we do not have access to your login information.

To log in in the future, visit our website or bookmark this link:

If you have any questions about this process, or using the patient portal, email us at or call our billing office for assistance. Phone: 952-225-5400

We value you as our customer and strive to meet and exceed your expectations. Thank you for helping us to serve you better by utilizing this technology! Best regards from all of us at Medical Specialists!